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  • love and letters

    love and letters

    Round a fireTwo oval heads—One with her hair winding and talk straightAnother with his square answers and curved ways,Sit down chronicling their dayThrough three kinds of DoritosIn a four-star gatheringAlive on five bundles of firewoodSix gallons of rum and sugarProper double-oh-sevens after eight fillsSpying hard upon the nightFor the wonder of a new yearWishing despite…

  • full moon, half berth, and quarter cat at least

    full moon, half berth, and quarter cat at least

    We begin moving. The sun is crisp like the round of my masala chai. A stranger town and the familiar pigeons. An electric landscape held in place by electricity lines. Paper in my left hand carrying the Indian Railways trademark while the paper in my right hand struggling to trade anything of mark in exchange…